Instrumentation & Electrical

Instrument & Electrical

Experienced technicians get the job done!


New installs, retrofitting, wire termination, mounting, conduit & tubing. All 5-point loop checks include detailed loop folders.


Performed per normal standards and practices for any regulatory requirements or routine maintenance.


Our technicians have a deep understanding of field and control system requirements.

Additional Services

Panel Services

Custom stainless steel electrical panels built to customer specifications. NFPA/NEC code compliant with UL listed or certified components. Panel design and dress outs available.

Shipped or installed turnkey solution for your next project.

Standardized Document Control

Detailed loop folders: single line diagrams, P&IDs, instrument specification sheets, instrument indexes, calibration records, initial loop verification, commissioning.

Standardized documentation ensures our products can be maintained and serviced throughout their lifespan.

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